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GEMS Group now accepts - NEBOSH HSW, IGC, iDiploma, Oil & GAS - IOSH MS, WS - CIEH level 2-4 programms

Distance Program:

Learn from anywhere in the world. We offer various distance classes in two formats, pre-recorded video courses and hard copy based learning, to fit your specific needs. 

eLearning Program:

Learn from anywhere in the world. We offer various eLearning classes in two formats, pre-recorded video courses and live web based learning, to fit your specific needs. 

Most of our courses are conducted live at a scheduled time for a whole week, simulating our public courses. Instead of watching videos, you log in to a virtual classroom to participate.

The presentation is interactive, just like at a public course, and the only difference is that the trainer is in another location, though the whole training goes in “real time”. 

Advantages of Distance & eLearning

 - Flexibility. With distance learning courses, participants can complete their course work from just about anywhere, provided there’s a computer and Internet connection. This allows them to work at a time and location when it is most convenient for them without having to add training sessions to an already busy life.

 - No travel. Taking a course online can be a great way to cut down on travel and accommodation costs.

 - Lower TCO. Prices for online courses are generally cheaper than public ones.

 - Learn while working. As distance learning can be completed in alliance to your schedule, it is much easier to complete distance learning courses while working than other educational programs. If you can’t take any time off, then these programs may be perfect for you. 

Live web-conference

courses is a great educational experience involving online training, live discussion and self-study, delivered to your personal computer in a chosen home/work environment. Just like in a public training room, the participants ask questions and get immediate feedback from the trainer.  

Video courses

These distance learning programs feature videos of trainers lecturing. You watch each day’s online lecture at your convenience, submitting assignments as scheduled.

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